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Sam Pitt was born on June 22, 1989 in Pisa, Italy.  At 8 ...
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Emplacement : Switzerland, Lucerne
Bio : Sam Pitt was born on June 22, 1989 in Pisa, Italy.  At 8 years old, he discovers  sing in weddings, solo and in school performances,  something that comes from within, a passion that by nature brings it  to express his emotions with the strength of his voice.  As he grows, he understands that the voice must be trained and  cultivated and therefore decides to take lessons, starting it here  professionnal career.  Giacomo Jac Salani Studio the Forge d'Empoli is the trampoline which  launch it to live the study and live performances in parallel  from Pisa.  Later, she met Lisa Kant in Florence, the one who gave birth  in the voice of Irene Grandi!  Even with it, a path that leads him to  improve and be more and more aware of his qualities and L  approach to Italian rock very close to its strings!  Meanwhile, for personal needs, Sam Pitt moves  London and as a free artist, continues its path also in  English language improvement!  He returns to Italy and continues his studies under the wings of the master Luigi  Guerazzi in Santa Croce sull'arno (Pisa), Sam sees that more and more aware of the fact that going out with local friends to hum hum sees that the good thing for him and his friends encourage him.  At 29, he moved to Switzerland for family reasons  in the town of Emmen in the canton of Lucerne still continues  get involved and study singing.  During the performances thanks to the Smile application you play with Level singers like Jenson Derulo Anne Marie, Baby Rexa.  He knows the group Orange Circle which tries out songs from a repertoire ranging from classic rock to Heavy Metal, meanwhile Sam Pitt takes part in the Deutschland sucht den Superstar song contest in which he finds a positive opinion from the jury.  To date, Sam Pitt is in promotion phase with an eye on the exit  Sam Pitt speaks with the group Orange Circle to rehearse once a week, one day a member of another group called Elliot Chambers contacts him in search of a Hard Rock singer.  Sam Pitt studies the text that the given year to learn proves despite his skills is not suitable for Hard Rock, and continues with Orange Circle when they decide to do the first concert which took place at Olten rockmusicinbar on August 31, 2019 a little  tension in the group as it was the first concert for gold, many people came to help the alder to entertain the audience while having fun in a professional way with great success in front of the audience.  Sam Pitt continues to look for pub bars to be able to play with Orange Circle bandages but moving by taking trains for kilometers and kilometers, one day Sam Pitt is contacted that he could no longer be part of the Orange Circle group for  the simple fact that gold plays Piu Metal this Alternative Rock Pop melody and therefore ends its experience with Orange Circle in a friendly way.  Sam Pitt goes without giving up continuing to write his songs made him shoot his ace in his sleeve by involving his friend, manager, producer, composer and musician Peter Delfino which he has been first person that Sam Pitt met in Switzerland. Go out  the first gold single 30 YO Figure Out which has put on all platforms for example Spotify Apple Music etc.  and an early career.  The fact is that Sam Pitt's determination implies that his friend is making an album, Sam Pitt continues to throw himself into local frayed bars.  meet blues musicians who do a great job comlimenti to sing the Guns n' Roses Well, clarified that Sam Pitt has a clear idea between the difficulties discovers that he has a particular timbre when he goes to record the demo in the Studio in Zurich which  pushes his friend and colleague Peter Delfino to shorten the deadlines given the qualities of the two Sam Pitt performs at the Sopranos in Lucerne with excellent results working on his voice demo with his release.Sam Pitt continues to write organize his songs on  the advice he decides to seek from radio in Switzerland and around the world to send his songs Invista Demo by working hard 24/7 with commitment and professionalism in search of his friend and colleague Peter a cover photo, which  'they can find very nice regarding the songs.  Despite the financial difficulties, Sam Pitt is engaged with such passion in his ever closer goal.  To the advice that on Friday March 27, 2020, Sam Pitt releases the demo with his band MATES with the album Around The Universe with joy and sacrifice and love for music brings out his music Sam Pitt.  Listen to Peter Dolphin Around the Universe on #SoundCloud  My Social Media Pages Channels  Instagram: sam_pitt_777  Facebook: Sam Pitt  Youtube: Sam Pitt  Vk: Sammy Pitt  Twitter: Sam Pitt @ SamPitt15
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